Confinement nanny – Managing newborn and mom

Confinement is the stage where women face various tuff phase. This includes most of the physical and mental stress. In this phase, woman usually need better care along the baby care for certain period. They cannot even take care of their work when they have to because of the delivery pain and many other post natal issues. New mothers are usually left unknown about many factors that should be known after delivering baby.

confinement nanny work permit

They have to consider all the important things and take care of every essential in the processing.  To manage the works and assist the new mom, nanny service is under operation. If you are a new mom and need assistance, then you should look for the confinement nanny. Those confinement nannies are actually responsible to take care of both mom and child. They has to get the confinement nanny work permit which makes them certified to hire without fear.

 Every nanny has the responsibility of taking care of babies along with mom. They need to get each step and teach new mom about the steps. Nanny makes the certain kind of work and makes the new mom feel better. The lists of works carried out by nanny are

  • Cook confined food for new mom
  • Gives day and night care for new born
  • Few housekeeping work
  • Laundry of mom and baby
  • Prepare bath for new born and mommy
  • Assist with breast feeding for new born
  • Gives additional tips on new born care and confined activity