Why choose mount Macedon for Holiday?

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s Largest Island after Tasmania and Melville Island. It is situated around 112 kilometers of Adelaide. It is located around 13 offshore Cape Jervis that is on the Fluerieu Peninsula’s tip. Kangaroo Islands are the 140,000 visitors that come here prove this point and a tourist spot.

This island is home to various Wildlife, vegetation, shipwrecks, lighthouses and miles and miles of river and beaches coastlines. Kangaroo Island boast of some of the lodging facilities which are made by the attractions it has to offer which you can sample through one of its tours. Kangaroo Island supports sea animals on account of the culture that is bio present here.

Interesting Sights and National Parks that you have to visit here:

  • Seal Bay where you can get ranger guided walks among the basking Australian sea lions.
  • The Lighthouses in mount macedon attractions victoria are a definite must see, and multiple walking trails and camping areas provide a excellent break form daily routines.
  • Kelly Hill Caves
  • The lookout Mount that was formally designated as Prospect Hill from the year 2002 to honor Matthew Flinders. This has a 360 degree view around the island.
  • Cape Willoughby
  • Parndana Wildlife Park
  • Kangaroo Island Penguin Centre that was formerly Called Kangaroo Island Marine Centre, at Kinescope.
  • Murray Lagoon with its abundant aquatic vegetation.

Kangaroo is known as KI from the natives and is a joy to see considering the landscape at every turn; from forests to cliffs, from sand dunes into arcs of bone shores and wetlands. This island has a rich heritage which may be found in its people spirits. Kangaroo Island has reservations, which is a reason.