What is about phenylpiracetam?

The phenylpiracetam is a type of the nootropics drug that comes under the family of racetam and it is of highly synthesized one where the unique aspect of the phenylpiracetam is that it contains the “phenyl” group and this makes the analog of the famous nootrophic called as the piracetam. The phenylpiracetam contains the same structure as like the piracetam and many other drugs which comes under the family of the racetam but the phenyl group makes the effects far different than the effects caused by the racetam. In which some people considers that the effects of the phenylpiracetam for about 60-100 times more powerful than the piracetam where the unique effect of the phenylpiracetam holds the stimulatory nature so it often does fell with the racetam effects.

 Except phenylpiracetam many of the drugs that come under the racetam family are often to be non-stimulatory because these drugs improve the memory and cognition and then the phenylpiracetam being the stimulatory it comes with the central nervous system and it is considered as the very useful nootropics and benefitted one in the racetam drug family. The phenylpiracetam caffeine high qualities or amphetamine-based is considered as one of the unhealthy drug so the phenylpiracetam drug is considered as the alternative one for the caffeine.

improves the cognitive abilities

Benefits and method of taking the phenylpiracetam drug

  • The benefits of the phenylpiracetam are undeniable one because it is a unique drug that improves the cognitive abilities in different ways.
  • Due to the stimulatory nature the phenylpiracetam drug is very useful and it replaces the unhealthy alternatives such as caffeine or amphetamines. However the real benefit of the phenylpiracetam comes in the memory and cognitive systems.
  • Users taking the phenylpiracetam can feel the increase of the memory and learning capacity in addition to this it also increases the concentration and focus where this is because the drug uses the utilization of the acetylcholine into the certain regions of the brain such as hippocampus region where the memories are formed.
  • Animal tests have also showed that the animals can reduce motion sickness, diminish fear response in them and can remove anxiety and this result in the improvement in the animal brains.

Once if you want to get the above benefits of the phenylpiracetam drug then you should know the procedure of the drug and phenylpiracetam how to take only then you can get the positive results. The recommended dosage of the phenylpiracetam is of about 100mg – 200mg where considering this dosage level you need to have 200 – 600mg per day to obtain the better and positive outcomes of the phenylpiracetam drug.