South China Sea News – Cooperative And Gnawing Relationship

Cold war has many things related to China and USA. Cold war was The major reason for building bolstered reason concerning growing trade and economic ties. Uncountable progress in terms trade and economic cooperation build bilateral relation between China and USA. As day pass their connection turned frictional and concerted. The frictional connection between China and USA was due to a lot of reasons, such as issue on South China Sea, cyber security, trade dispute, human rights and intellectual property rights.

 China and USA has no game on earth of history, politics and cultures but made progress on each step. From 2010 Chinese GDP overtook Japan and become the 2nd biggest economy in the world. And there was a risk that trade war news will overtake USA that makes their connection friction. Both nations become rivals concerning increasing and establishing power. A name drifting through the United State of America is Donald Trump. Though USA is the most powerful nation but same scenario country face through the world as USA is facing to win the vote. Like other nominee, Trump is attempting Difficult to win the vote. He’s organizing campaign to win people’s vote. He is Promising many things because most of politicians do to be able to win against Clinton. It was news on Donald Trump that he had contributed $10 million to his campaign.

trade war newsBeside this Whole Trump has to confront an outraised and outspent by his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton. The global security news, alert you That, lately Syrian rebels launching and tried hard to break the siege of the Aleppo. In this effort almost 15 people were murdered. United Nations committee voted to outlaw nuclear weapons. It has been seen that nations agree with this and 38 nations opposed and 16 were abstaining. The south china sea news resolution aims that nuclear weapons should legally binding and prohibit nuclear weapons leading Towards their complete elimination.