How to wash net window curtains

Net window curtains act as window treatments and let the proper quantity of light into a room. Dirt, dust, or debris can build here on the net over time, making the curtains look dirty and stink. Cleaning the curtains properly is important for keeping them in excellent condition.

Steps to wash curtains –

Before washing your curtains, pre-treat them to eliminate all dust and debris. Getting rid of dust and debris before washing the curtains may make them seem as white as possible. Because a lot of dust and grime can become trapped in the net curtains with time, it is critical to pre-treat them before washing.

  • Remove the curtain

Remove the curtain rod from the wall and remove the net curtains through one side of the pole.

  • Get a bucket or a bath

 For pre-treatment, immerse the net curtains in water. You’ll need to locate a basin to soak your curtains in. If it is easier, they can use a tub with a stopper.

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  • Get some vinegar as well as baking soda

 Both vinegar and baking soda seem to be effective natural cleaners that may help you restore the white and brilliant appearance of your curtains. Users should use both of these cleansers for the best results, but either will suffice.

Please remember that tumble drying the net window curtains can cause them to shrink. Before rehanging the curtains in the window, hang them outside to dry. Alternatively, one can hang the moist curtains up and let them dry when hanging.